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Membership Benefits
When you become a member, life will become easier for you in many ways.
You'll be paying less not only in Vamos Todos activities, but in many others.

As a start Vamoooos …

Get the best brands at affordable prices.
VT members are now privileged with a 25% discount on all items and brands found in all branches of Maison du Ski!
Highlight event, are pleased to provide Vamos Todos members exclusive packages for your events!

Our services include, but are not limited to, weddings, sound and light management through high tech equipment and professional personnel.
As a member of Vamos Todos, you will be entitled a 20% discount that can be transferred to any friend.

- You’ll pay less in all Vamos Todos activities.
- A 40% discount for Portemelio Health Club.
- 15% discount at Dr Bassam Saliba (Dentist).
- You’ll have discount from Samir Yazbik (Master Scuba Diver Trainer).

We’ll update you on any new stores and centers that will give a discount or an offer when available.

You'll start as a normal member and the more you go with us, your membership will become mature to be Silver and by time Gold!

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