Upcoming Events

  • We have an exciting trail planned for you, fully organized and coordinated by Vamos Todos. Our destination is Jezzine, specifically the village of Haitoura, where we will commence our hike towards the village of Roum.

    En route, we'll make stops at a charming boutique winery and explore various points of interest, including old houses, 2000-year-old olive trees, and ancient grape presses carved into the rocks.

    Our journey begins together with a tour of Haitoura village, leading us into a beautiful pine forest and onward to Kharkhrayya, a small abandoned village that extends into Maknounieh village. Next, we'll all head to Karam Winery for a brief visit.

    From there, we'll split into two groups:
    Level 3 will continue to St.
  • The Wadi of Nahr El Jawz is one of Lebanon's most beautiful valleys, boasting lush vegetation, ancient mills, archaeological sites, and historic buildings lining its riverbanks. With numerous trails to explore, we've prepared a new route for you from Tannourine to Beit Chlela.

    Along the way, you'll encounter stunning waterfalls, picturesque river views, water streams, and ancient staircases. We offer two levels of difficulty: a moderate+ 12 km hike or a more leisurely LEVEL 3 option covering approximately 7 km.

    For those opting for the easier route, there's an opportunity to relax at a riverside restaurant in Kfarhdelda while awaiting the arrival of the moderate-level hikers. After a refreshing break, we'll all return to Beirut together.
  • We are heading to 'Ayoun el Samak,' one of the most spectacular destinations in Lebanon. Situated on the banks of the 'Nahr el Bared' river, which separates 'Doniyeh' from 'Akkar' regions, 'Ayoun el Samak' presents an endless array of breathtaking and picturesque views that will leave you in awe.

    The name is derived from the numerous water sources that feed the river and create these magnificent vistas.

    The area has historically been a major attraction for many artists and singers who have chosen its beautiful surroundings as the backdrop for filming their music videos. It truly offers a hiking experience that should not be missed. We have divided our hike into two levels:

    Level 2 & 3 - This will be an easy walk along the riverbank, where we will be surrounded by trees lining the shores.
  • This time, our destination will be Akkar el Atiqa, the winner of Lebanon’s “Favorite Village” competition for 2016!

    It's important to highlight the significance of Akkar al Atiqa’s citadel or Hosn Akkar, perched on a rocky mountain between the two valleys of Akkar. Legend has it that the citadel was built by Mohrez Bin Akkar, who was killed in 864 A.D., and later occupied by the Seljuks, the Crusaders, and the Mamluks.

    Our hike will cater to two levels:
    Level 3 & 5 – starting from within the village up to the vicinity of the citadel, which is challenging to reach due to its rocky terrain. We'll take our time in the surrounding area, enjoying the beautiful landscapes, and then continue to the first water mill. Level 5 will extend the hike by 4 km more to reach the village square.


For Hiking

Clothes and Accessories:

  • Lightweight or medium weight boots covering your ankle.

  • Hiking socks.

  • Hiking pants.

  • A hat or cap well ventilated. Bonnet and gloves if it's cold.

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses.

  • A warm windproof jacket. A polar jacket if it’s cold.

  • A light hiking backpack.

  • Walking poles, especially for downhill.

Food and Drink:
  • Privilege carbohydrates and fats such as fruits: apple, oranges ... dried fruits: dates, raisins, nuts, almonds ..., chocolate, biscuits.

  • One and a half liters to two liters of water.

For Snowshoeing

Clothes and Accessories:

  • Waterproof high shoes covering your ankle with multi-layer soles. Après-skis preferably. If not provided, get with you nylon bags to cover your boots.

  • Hiking socks.

  • Waterproof ski clothing: pants, etc.

  • A warm windproof jacket. A polar jacket if it’s cold.

  • Woolen hat and gloves. The head, ears and neck must be well protected.

  • Sunscreen and sunglasses.

  • A light hiking backpack.

  • Spare clothing may be needed to avoid being wet for a long period of time, in case it happens.

  • Walking poles, especially for downhill.

Food and Drink:
  • Privilege carbohydrates and fats such as fruits: apple, oranges ... dried fruits: dates, raisins, nuts, almonds ..., chocolate, biscuits.

  • One and a half liters to two liters of water.


Dr. Antoine Aoun


About Us

About Us

Vamos Todos is an ecotourism NGO that promotes and encourages the love of nature amongst its members, thus seeing life through a new perspective.

The name Vamos Todos, which means "Let's go all together" was chosen to reflect the spirit of our club, where you can participate “in a different way, in a better way”, which is also our slogan, in any of the multitude of activities which will be organized for you, with one major goal in mind: HAVING A GREAT TIME.

The club was founded in September 2006, by Mark Aoun, a Lebanese guy who has been hiking for more than 20 years, and has been all over Lebanon as well as some other countries. He would like to share with you his love for nature and life, introducing you to the magnificent place which is our home country.

Our success goes to a professional team who gave from their heart to ensure this NGO’s success. We cannot omit mentioning those who were with Vamos Todos as of the beginning, namely: Alba Wardini who is the heart of Vamos Todos and Tania Charabati. We were one team at the launch of VT!

Special thanks to the professional guides, particularly Tony Fallakha and Elie Saade, who gave and are still giving so much for VT.

We, at Vamos Todos, plan to help you enjoy every single moment you spend with us by offering you a variety of social events, outdoor adventures, sports activities, overseas trips and unusual experiences which will whisk you away for a day or two from your daily routine, bringing you back happy, refreshed and ready to confront another tiring week of work.

What We Offer

We offer a wide variety of activities which will appeal to each or all of you, such as:

  • Hiking in beautiful nature reserves and small villages.

  • Snowshoeing over the beautiful white covered mountains in time of winter.

  • Wine tours and wine tasting at boutique wineries.

  • Sightseeing for historical monuments and mystical sites.

  • Adventure weekends in the mountains or on the seaside.

  • Caving, mountain climbing, rappelling, scuba diving, camping, rafting, canoeing, biking and ATV.

  • Sunset hikes at that spectacular moment of the day in diverse regions.

  • Night events such as night hikes, fishing nights, karaoke events, beach parties and social dinners.

  • Workshops in various fields of interest; yoga, photography, archaeology, sea rescue operations and many others.

  • Team Building and Games particularly for companies.

  • Trips abroad to Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Cuba and many others, to discover new faces, exotic cultures and breathtaking sceneries.

  • Humanitarian events to help needy citizens such as orphans and elderly people.

We organize special events for private groups, for institutions and for schools. Such events are custom made to comply with your requests.

At Vamos Todos, club members do not simply follow, but they join in. We are hoping that, with your ideas and suggestions, our range of activities will become unlimited. All ideas and suggestions are always welcome. So come on, join us and Vamos…. Todos !


The founder of Vamos Todos since 2006. He has an extensive knowledge in ecotourism, ecological best practices, and in Lebanon geography and history. He is a multitask guide and has his own great way to manage the events.

Mark Aoun

The photography guru framing the whole areas of Lebanon with her amazing pictures that make memories unforgettable! By her administration, she was one of the founders of Vamos Todos.

Alba Wardini

The man of difficult missions, always ready for hard levels and impossible missions. He is a guide in Vamos Todos since 2007.

Tony Falakha

The adventurous explorer. He has given 3 to 4 full years to Vamos Todos, before getting married. He's still a very active guide, ready to help anyone who needs it.

Elie Saade

The detail oriented soul. He took responsibilities in guiding and financial administration in Vamos Todos since 2013.

Elias Chahine

The sweet manifestation of ecotourism, she adds value with her presence and gorgeous photographic frames. She is responsible of multimedia and administration tasks since 2015.

Marianne Aoun

The young talent adding significance through her skilled presence and attentive performance. She is as well responsible of administration tasks.

Araxie Berberian

The technical advisor of Vamos Todos working mostly behind the scenes, responsible of the online platforms and taking care of sustainable ecotourism projects and eco-travels.

Martine Aoun


  • Membership:

    When you become a member, life will become easier for you in many ways.
    You'll be paying less not only in Vamos Todos activities, but in many others.
  • Hiking Equipment And Apparel:

    Get the best brands at affordable prices.
    - You'll pay less in all Vamos Todos activities.
    - A 25% discount at Sport Experts.
    - 15% discount at FujiFilm Lebanon, Antaki group.
    - 30% discount from Naji Sfeir (Master Scuba Diver Trainer).
  • We'll update you on any new stores and centers that will give a discount or an offer when available.

    You'll start as a normal member and the more you go with us, your membership will become mature to be Silver and by time Gold!

    As a start Vamoooos …

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Parking Map

Meeting Place

Sagesse School Parking in Jdeideh, facing the public garden


1. Head south toward Hankach 170 m
2. Turn left at Mirna Chalouhi 300 m
3. Turn right 260 m
4. Turn right 9 m
5. Turn left 10 m
6. Turn right 450 m
7. Turn left 260 m